Two hundred and fifty years ago, the Scarlet Brotherhood of Pyremius came across the sea and seized control of Karamikos. Since then, the country has lived under the shadow of oppression. Dissenters have been banished to work camps, and magic has become a controlled commodity. Since the beginning of their reign of terror, the Scarlet Brotherhood, mages nation wide have been disappearing to parts unknown. Today, the only remaining mages are the Priests of the Scarlet Brotherhood, and those few who have been able to escape persecution. However, even the strength of Pyrenius cannot hold together an empire for ever. People whisper in the streets of a time before the Brotherhood, back when the House of Agnarr sat on the throne of Karamikos. And in some pockets of the nation, people have gone a step further.

This is where you, the heroes, come in. You are members of the resistance: a small network of outcasts who have banned together to fight off the Scarlet Brotherhood.

As per usual, this is a hardcore campaign. Death is permanent, and this time around, the world of Karamikos is actually out to get you. If you die, you can create a new character of similar level. I’m bringing back the injury system that we used in the Grey Realms. Also,please note, fighting is not the only way through a solution. Experience is also awarded for creativity and ingenuity, so that means that there are creative and new ways to tackle each problem.

For characters, you can pretty much be what you want. Doug is planning on being a cleric, Niko a ranger, Wilson a warden, josh some sort of wizard. Sean, you can read through the player’s handbooks 1,2, or 3, or use the D&D character maker from WotC. Starting off, you are all imprisoned in the Mines of Balerion, so when you write up you back story, just mention as to why you are there.

Player’s handbooks and rules can be found here:

Player’s Handbook 1-base rules and classes

Extended races and classes

Extended races and classes

it would appear that you can no longer download the WotC Character builder, so if you dont already have it, and need help building a character, feel free to contact me.

Shattered Empire

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